Closed Cell Foam Tape

Model: Closed Cell Foam Tape - Starting at: £8.34

Fire & Acoustic Seals' Closed Cell Foam Tapes are designed for use in a variety of applications; whether it's for sealing around windows and doors to keep out the elements of wind and rain, or for use in the glazing of doors to reduce glass rattle against glazing beads.

This product can be used in fire door applications where insulated glass types have been tested (please refer to the glass manufacturers test certification).

Sizes available:

  • 10mm x 3mm x 500m
  • 10mm x 6mm x 250m
  • 10mm x 6mm x 12m
  • 15mm x 4mm x 15m
  • 10mm x 2mm x 40m
Colours may vary slightly to website and samples are available on request.

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