Hodgson Firestrip 30

Model: Hodgson Firestrip 30 - Starting at: £12.00

Safe against fire and smoke for 30 minutes

Firestrip 30 acts to stop the passage of fire and smoke in timber doors and screens for up to 30 minutes. It holds a CF297 BWF Certifire certificate and is fully tested to BS476, EN1364 and EN1634. So it gives you the peace of mind your project demands.

Quick and easy to apply

You can fit Firestrip 30 in minutes. And it's cheaper than other rigid or semi-rigid fire resistant materials. So you end up saving a little extra time and money on the build.

Has had extensive testing

Firestrip 30 has been tested with a wide variety of non-insulating and insulating glass types.

Ideal for timber fire doors and screens

You can use Firestrip 30 for glazing non-insulating and insulating glass into timber fire doors. As well as softwood or hardwood timber screens. Because of its smooth, high tack surface, it gives excellent adhesion and can be painted or coated with wood stains.


The performance of Firestrip© 30 is dependent on the use of suitable fire resistant glass and frame design.

Colours may vary slightly to website and samples are available on request.

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