Fire Rated Expanding Foam

Model: Fire Rated Expanding Foam - Starting at: £9.66

Pyroplex® Fire Rated Expanding Foam is a flame retardant based polyurethane expanding foam, which sets in a solid form by using moisture present in the atmosphere. The product is suitable for sealing gaps around doors and window frames, using secondary fire sealing media around services, such as metallic cable trays and general service penetrations.

Pyroplex® Fire Rated Expanding Foam is an ablative product, which will achieve a fire resistance period of up to 120 minutes when used in conjunction with a mineral fibre backing material.

Main Features

·         Fire resistance of up to 2 hours dependent upon gap to depth ratio.

·         Quick curing, can be cut, sawn or formed within 60 minutes of application.

·         Easy to install, with up to 3m linear joint being fitted in under 10 minutes.

·         Can be painted and/or plastered without additional primers.

·         Expands up to 40 times its volume, which can prove an economical solution to other alternatives.

Hand Applicated via a straw nozzle

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