Sealmaster Intumescent Foam Glazing Tape

Model: Sealmaster Intumescent Foam Glazing Tape - Starting at: £21.76
Sealmaster Intumescent Foam Glazing Tape is a new black, low-medium pressure intumescent glazing tape material available on a roll. It has been specifically developed to ensure reliable fire performance when a cost effective foam glazing tape is required for a fire glazing application. It has been developed to achieve successful fire performance to BS and EN Standards for both doors and screens and is aimed particularly at 30 minute and 60 minute applications. Test evidence available on request.

Sealmaster Intumescent Foam Glazing Tape has been developed to provide excellent high temperature sealing properties combined with the unique benefit of being a fully flexible and highly compressible foam material.
It has been formulated to deliver excellent thermal stability and comprises the benefits of a volume expansion beginning at 180�C, low-medium pressure intumescence and a very high thermal erosion resistance beyond 900�C.
It is only available in black colour.

Sealmaster Intumescent Foam Glazing Tape is a highly compressible and flexible intumescent tape product exhibiting alow pressure intumescent behaviour with a degree of expansion of up to 3-4 times its original volume.
The resistance to thermal erosion is exceptional for a foam tape product allowing it to be used with a very broad range of fire glazing systems.
On exposure to heating the unique chemical formulation allows the product to retain char stability to beyond 900�C, far surpassing other foam glazing tape products currently on the market.

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