Fire Door Foam reaches 2hr mark!

26 February 2020

Recently Fire & Acoustic Seals pushed the boundaries in testing Fire Door Foam within a FD120 timber fire doorset.

In December 2019 we tested at Cambridge Fire Research Laboratory and successfully passed a BS EN 1634-1: 2014 fire test utilising standard methods of fixings and plastic packers. As part of our on-going research and development work we constructed two doorsets, one with 20mm gaps between door frame and wall, the other with 10mm gaps.

The two scenarios gave us the following solutions;

  1. 10mm gaps using Fire Door Foam only to FD120capped with Fire & Acoustic Seals intumescent acrylic sealant to one side (10mm capping) to FD120
  2. 20mm gaps using Fire Door Foam capped with Fire & Acoustic Seals intumescent acrylic sealant to both sides (10mm capping) to FD120.

By testing the above configurations we have given the fire door installer a clear choice in fire stopping the frame/wall gaps to FD120.

Please get in touch for more details, and rest assured there is more to come from Fire & Acoustic Seals – Fire Door Foam in the near future, keep in touch with our Social Media platforms for more information.