Ceramic Fibre Tape

Model: Ceramic Fibre Tape - Starting at: £11.94

Fire & Acoustic Seals' Ceramic Glazing Tape is made from ceramic fibre paper which has a self-adhesive coating and a removable backing paper for ease of handling.  It will easily adhere to most clean, dry surface types including glass, metal and plastic laminates.  It is ideal for use as a bedding material for fire resistant glazing systems in commercial buildings and fire doors.

Reel Lengths:

15mm x 3mm x 15 metres

15mm x 6mm x 10 metres

20mmx 3mm x 15 metres

20mm x 6mm x 10 metres

Colour: white

Used in conjunction with the following Certifire glass types (refer to the relevant certificate and TS25 for guidance on application and scope):

  • AGC Glass UK - CF377
  • Fireglass UK - CF5337, CF5338, CF5304 & CF5305
  • Pilkington - CF5140 & CF328
  • Promat UK - CF137 & CF5155
  • CGI (Pyroguard UK) - CF257, CF581, CF5319, CF581A & CF437
  • Schott - CF386 & CF862

  • Vetrotech Saint-Goban - CF811A

Colours may vary slightly to website and samples are available on request.

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